Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Its Been A VERY Busy Week!

Last Tuesday my son woke up with the stomach flu. I spent the day cuddling with him and struggling to keep his bedding clean. Wednesday was also spent that way. On Wednesday I got hit with the bug and spent that night and most of the next day in bed. Luckily my mom was able to come over and hang out with my little guy until his nap time and even luckier Tony got off work early and made it home before nap time was over.

While all of that was going on Tony has been opening up our attic. Yay! We have been in our house for about eight years with only a small crawl space under our stairs and our garage attic. Why have we lived like this? Well at first we didn't need much storage but now its a different story. On Sunday night he finally finished laying all the boards and now I have more storage space than I know what to do with!!

My new attic entrance!

All of my new attic storage will go a long way to organizing my home, no more closets cluttered with odd things that I just can't find a place to hide it. Since he started working on it I have been going from room to room cleaning out everything. So far I haven't found much to store except holiday and baby stuff. But I have gotten rid of a lot of garbage, put together a box of good will and gained extra space everywhere!!

Sunday was also my son's 2nd birthday!!! We spent the day enjoying him while he was awake and working on the attic while he was sleeping.

Yesterday was just as busy. We took our son for his 2 year check up. It was rough! His appointment was scheduled at his nap time, that didn't help at all. They were behind almost an hour....what else is new? The worst part started when they put us in the room... he started screaming as soon as the nurse closed the door and did not stop until we told him it was time to go home. He screamed for over half an hour...my poor baby. But on a good note today he is showing no signs of the flu bug and is starting to eat again! Hopefully this week will go better than the last.

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