Saturday, January 22, 2011

My First Christmas Card

Right before Thanksgiving I had the idea to handmake my Christmas cards. Being my first time I thought it would be pretty quick and easy. If I start the weekend after Thanksgiving they will definately be ready to go out by the first week in December. HaHa they went out either the 15th or 16th. Not too bad but I was NOT thinking about everything else that would be going on. This year my goal is to be finished before October so that hopefully they will be ready by Thanksgiving.

On top of the rush to get them to the post office I didn't think of taking pictures or even saving one for myself until they were done and gone. But luckily last weekend one came back to me in the mail. So now I have pics of my first Christmas card!

I didn't really know much about card making so I just took the idea that I had and ran with it. The snowman is a clip art graphic (I had no clue at the time what digi stamps were). For the background I bought a snowflake stencil and did a layer with a dark blue distress ink and an overlapping layer with a medium blue stamp ink. Found the perfect ribbon to match at Michaels and added a snowflake sticker in the corner. The sticker was not my original plan. Hopefully tomorrow i can make another card with my original idea. That way I will have a hard copy of each.

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