Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finger Painting Cards!

Yesterday morning I came up with an idea to get my son to sit still so I could do a post. I cleaned up after breakfast, pulled out his finger paints and paper, covered the island stool with an old towel, got the laptop set up, got a fresh cup of coffee and announced "Your going to finger paint!!" he looked at me and his eyes were getting big and he was starting to smile....then he shook his head and said "No, no thanks" well as polite as he was I wasn't giving up without a fight! I gave him something he couldn't resist...his own paintbrush!

There was only one problem with my plan...he's a fast painter! By the time I took 4 pictures and sat down he was done already!!

The best part of this is that its directly linked to a card I made recently during VSN. The challenge was for kids (or kids at heart) to make a card using a food item or use a food as inspiration. But he's a little to young and active to directly help so I made a card for his Great Great Grandma's 90th birthday using one of his finger paintings as a background. I LOVE this idea!! It turned out great and was loved by everyone who saw it. The image was a freebie from Dustin Pike and I colored it with Prismacolor pencils blended with baby oil. 

And this is the card I made for her from Me and Tony:

All images are from Doodle Dragon Studios. Colored with Prismacolor pencils and blended with baby oil. The frogs on the front were all cut out and popped on each level...the legs, the belly and then the hands.  

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